Download 2012 Summer Olympic Games from YouTube

2012 Summer Olympic Games will be the biggest and most important international event this year. With the opening of 2012 Summer Olympic Games, more and more people are paying attention to this great event. We can get lots of videos about 2012 Summer Olympic Games on YouTube including opening ceremony, match etc. How to freely download these relative videos from YouTube? The following post will show you an easy solution to download 2012 Summer Olympic Games from YouTube with a free YouTube downloader.
In addition to download YouTube videos, this free YouTube downloader also can convert YouTube videos to some other popular videos format with its built-in video converter. Now let’s experience how to download YouTube videos with Free YouTube downloader.

Download and install free YouTube downloader.

Guide: How to download 2012 Summer Olympic Games from YouTube

Step1. Download YouTube videos
After this YouTube Downloader is installed on your computer you can start it. And the first panel you will see is “Browse” where you can search for YouTube videos through two ways: Add YouTube video URL to address bar or find video with keywords. Then conduct video downloading order with the window appearing at the right bottom of the video page.

Step2. Convert YouTube videos
Go to the “Video” panel and convert YouTube video to other video formats. Choose a corresponding video format by clicking on the “Convert” button and set video and audio parameters within “Settings” button. Confirm the video conversion task.

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