Download 5 O’Clock T-Pain Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen Music Video

5 O’Clock is T-Pain’s third single from Revolver featuring British singer Lily Allen and Wiz Khalifa. T-Pain wanders around the street while some barely-seen girl lip-syncs Lily’s lyrics. Wiz Khalifa busts a guest verse and wearing the worst sweater in the history of sweaters.

Download 5 O’Clock from on Win:

-Get Free YouTube Downloader for Win.

-Run the free downloader, minimize the window, keep the program run on background.

-Locate the song on on your browser, play it.

-When the music video begins to play, a dialogue will pop out for reminding you to download it.

-Click “Save as” original format to start downloading.

-Check downloading process within “Convert” tab. Open the output folder to get the downloaded video.

Download 5 O’Clock from on Mac:

-Get Free YouTube Downloader for Mac.

2-Copy the URL of How To Love on YouTube, paste into “Video URL” after clicking plus icon on main interface. It’s free to add multiple URL at a time, but please use one URL per line.

3- Click “Save to” to set the save path on your computer for the downloaded videos.

4-then choose to “Save as” original format. Then click “Download now” to start save the song off YouTube.

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