Download DIE ANTWOORD – BANANA BRAIN (Official Video) From YouTube

recently, Die Antwoord has released the official video for “Banana Brain”, the first single from their upcoming album called “Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid”. “Die Antwoord”  is a South African rap-rave group formed in Cape Town in 2008. The duo is known for their berzerk visuals and aggressive productions. And now you can download DIE ANTWOORD – BANANA BRAIN (Official Video) right here!

“Banana Brain” revels in its recklessness and violence, which barely appear in most Die Antwoord videos. In the official video for “Banana Brain”, Yolandi plays a rebellious youth who drugs her parents with sleeping pills in order to sneak out of her home and go to an acid-laced house party with her bad boy boyfriend, played by Ninja. It sounds like something ripped from the “Dance Dance Revolution” game’s soundtrack at a windowless basement rave.

Let’s check out ANTWOORD – BANANA BRAIN (Official Video) below.

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Guide on downloading ANTWOORD – BANANA BRAIN (Official Video) with YouTube Downloader

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