Download Guardians Official Trailer (2017) – Superhero Movie From YouTube

Exciting news here! The official trailer for “Guardians”,  a highly anticipated Russian superhero film directed by Armenian director Sarik Andreasyan, has been released. The film is also known under two alternate names “Zaschitniki,” and “The Defenders.” Since its first teaser trailer released, it has won rave reviews. And now the official trailer are also popular and has received a great number of video views on YouTube.

Set during the Cold War, Guardians tells the story of a secret organization named “Patriot” gathered a group of Soviet superheroes, altering and augmenting the DNA of four individuals so they can defend supernatural threats. And this official trailer shows us wonderful clips and scenes from the film. All in all, Guardians Official Trailer does a wonderful job in presenting the concept of the film, the lead characters, and a taste of the visual effects. And it looks  pretty cool so far.

Check out Guardians Official Trailer (2017) – Superhero Movie below.

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