Download Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know Music Video From YouTube Freely

It has been about a year since Maroon 5 released its last song and music video. Recently, the pop band returned with a new track, “Don’t Wanna Know,” featuring rapper Kendrick Lamar. And two days ago, Maroon 5 released the music video for the new track “Don’t Wanna Know”. The music video has got more than 8 million views on YouTube since released. Fans can watch and  download Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know music video right here now.

Check out Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know below

In this music video, Maroon 5 jumps on the Pokémon Go trend. Dressed in a giant Pokémon suit, Adam Levine attempts to go about his daily business such as driving his convertible, going to the gym, drinking liquor straight from the bottle. However, it finally ends up on the run with lots of smartphone-bearing Pokémon addicts in hot pursuit. What do you think of Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know music video?

If you like it, it is highly recommended to download “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video from YouTube with Free YouTube Downloader or YouTube Downloader for Mac on Mac computer for unlimited enjoyment.

If you have no much experience on downloading “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video with YouTube Downloader, please refer to the simple guide below step by step.

Guides on downloading “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video with YouTube Downloader

Free YouTube Downloader for Mac:

If you are a Mac user, download this free YouTube tool. It can help download wonderful videos on YouTube down perfectly.

-Run the downloader. Open up Safari, find out “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video on YouTube;

-Play the online video, and then click the download button on the right top corner of the player to download “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video. the free YouTube downloader for Mac will add the video into downloading task queue. Also, you may copy and paste the URL into the “Add a URL” zone in top menu bar;

-The downloading process will be done within minutes. Check “Library” within the interface of the tool to manage download video.

Free YouTube Downloader

It is an online video downloader for Windows OS. Not only can download video from YouTube, but also other video-sharing websites.

-Run the downloader. Open up web browser and search “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video;

Play “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video on with the built-in web browser;

– Select the videos you want to download from the options listed on right and click the download icon to download “Maroon 5 – Don’t Wanna Know” music video;

– After that, check the videos on “Downloading” and “Downloaded” panel, where you can watch and manage them freely.


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