Download Papi-Jennifer Lopez from YouTube

Jennifer Lopez just launched her newest single Papi on last week. The song is just basically another J. Lo romantic comedy. She is hounded by men after she bites into a curse “Love Potion #9”-type cookie. Hundreds of men just can’t resist her charming, and chasing her all over the city. This video is actually a bit different from other music videos, it is funny, check out:

Let’s download Papi of J. Lo off

-Get Free YouTube Downloader and run it.

-Copy the URL of Papi to the address bar of the downloader, then turn to the page.

-Play the video, then there will pop out a dialog box to remind you download the video. It works for every online video.

-Click “Save as” original format. Then the program will start to download the music video.

-Within minutes, it will be finished, check to enjoy the video or check to check downloaded files.

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