Hold On Til The Night-Greyson Chance Watch and Download

“Hold On Til The Night” is the third single of Greyson Chance’s first album. The music video premiered on December 9th on VEVO. Greyson Chance is an 14 year-old American pop singer and pianist raising up on YouTube. His April 2010 performance of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” at a sixth-grade music festival became a hit on YouTube gaining over 44 million views as of December 3, 2011. The boy is serious talented and with solid vocals. It is like he somehow fit decades of vocal training.

Check the music video of “Hold On Til The Night” below:

If you like this talented boy and his song. You may buy in iTunes, or download them free on YouTube.

1.Get free YouTube downloader first.

2.This free downloader is for Windows computer. Install and run it. There is a built-in browser in the downloader, type in the song name you want to download. Find it out on YouTube or some other music sharing website like Vevo.

3.Play the song, while it is playing, a reminder will pop out to ask you download detected video or not. Click “Save as” original formats to start downloading the music video. Get downloaded files in “Convert” tab.

-If you are a Mac user, try YouTube Downloader for Mac. It is a free downloader for YouTube on Mac OS. 

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