Valentine’s Day: How to Make a Love Apple Cocktail?

Tomato was known as “Peruvian Apple”, the French call it “Love Apple”, Italian call it “pomo d’oro” which means golden apple since the first time Italian saw tomato, it was a small yellow fruit. In 1804, a physician and gardener from Philadelphia found the so-called “love apple” can be used to make delicious tomato sauce, and then he published the first tomato sauce recipe in 1812. Since today is Valentine’s Day, how about try to make a drink by yourself for your lover- Love Apple Cocktail.


-Pour three counts of vodka, three counts of fresh Pomegranate juice, two counts of fresh tangerine juice, and just a dash of simple syrup.

-Take a couple of leaves of fresh mint. Shake it hard.

The cocktail like fresh with mint, the sweetness of the tangerine and then the underlying sweetness of the pomegranate makes the drinks perfectly balanced. You might want to do a little, check the video below:

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