Watch And Download Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Daniel Radcliffe Movie From YouTube


Are you still remember Harry Potter? Daniel Radcliffe, who has ever stared as teenage wizard Harry Potter, has finished a new film “Imperium“. And recently the official trailer 1 of “Imperium” has been released. The American thriller film is scheduled to be released on August 19,2016. From the poster above, Daniel Radcliffe shows us his steadfast gaze and powerful aura.

Imperium” is based on real story. In this film, Daniel Radcliffe plays the role of a FBI agent who goes undercover to infiltrate a group of white supremacists building a dirty bomb. And from the performance of Daniel Radcliffe in recent years, he broadened the range in the film circle. He seems to enjoy challenging himself with unique role. We can catch a glimpse of some wonderful clips in this “Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016)”. Let’s check out the “Imperium Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Daniel Radcliffe Movie” below.

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