Watch And Download Men’s 400m Freestyle Final Video -Rio 2016 (Sun Yang Won Silver Medal)

Men's 400m Freestyle Final Video -Rio 2016

The highly anticipated Men’s 400m Freestyle was over yesterday. Sun Yang was the pre-race favorite, having won gold in the same event at the London 2012 Games. However, this time the Australian swimming swimmer Mack Horton launched a scathing attack on the Chinese champion and finally won gold in Rio by 0.13 seconds.

It doesn’t end there. Whereafter, Chinese sports fans and local media have turned on Australia’s 400m freestyle gold medallist Mack Horton, claiming he taunted Sun Yang by calling him a drug cheat to his face in the post-Olympic final press conference. However, the truth is that Sun Yang taking stimulants just a misunderstanding, he actually didn’t dope. Fans on social media as well as reports on popular Chinese online news portals described the Australian’s “drug cheat” comments as classless “taunts”, and for rubbing it in after winning. Anyway, through Sun Yang was forced into second place by only 0.13 seconds, he still a powerful rival. Let’s check out “Men’s 400m Freestyle Final Video -Rio 2016” below.

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